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Perth picker offers an extensive range of machines at various sizes that are available for your next project. It is important to take into account every aspect of your project, including duration, people involved, budget, and environmental factors, such as potentially unstable terrain. By utilising track mounted designs over trailer, most machines are adaptable and are versatile enough to handle any job they encounter, however there may be instances where height, weight, or any other unforeseen variable could require you to hire a boom lift instead of a scissor lift, or a spider lift instead of the boom. To prevent wasting any time and chunks of your budget, it’s better to be certain what you actually need from what you are going to hire.

For more information on how to choose the appropriate cherry pickers for your upcoming project, feel free to contact Mark to discuss the details and specifications involved.

Features of our track mounted boom lifts, scissor lifts, and spider lifts

Our vast selection of available track over trailer mounted boom, scissor and spider lifts are all you could ever need in a cherry picker. As well as a sturdy elevated work platform, you will also find in our machines turret rotation of at least 360 degrees, a comfortable max working height of 21.7m, track mounted, and with a lift capacity 200 kg.

Click on each machine to see an overview of its specs.

Hire your track mounted boom life or other elevated work platform today

At Perth Picker Hire, our extensive selection of track instead of trailer mounted boom, spider, and spider lifts aren’t all we excel at. For more information on any of our products, training, design or an enquiry regarding our services, please feel free to make contact with any of our friendly and conscientious staff members. You can call us on 08 9272 2772 to begin the conversation of your needs and how we can fulfil them, or you can send your information through to, or leave your details on our easy-to-fill-out contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Perth picker offers an extensive range of machines at various sizes that are available for your next project. Click on each machine to see an overview of its specs. For more information on the pickers contact Mark.